Who is The Bogaty Family?

Our Story

The Bogaty family has traditionally hailed from the Italian Alps where, even today, extended relatives of the Bogaty family still own and operate a small vineyard. Two generations after Ludwig Bogati immigrated to the United States, James “Jim” Charles Bogaty decided it was time to return to his family’s roots. In 1996 Della and Jim Bogaty purchased 100 acres of land in Berryville, VA and began planting their future into rows of vines. Little did we know that, twenty years later, this hobby would grow into a family obsession!

The Bogaty’s subscribe to the philosophy that “balanced vines make the best wine”, therefore everything done in the vineyard is done to promote vine balance. Farming with a goal of long term sustainability and overall vine health, they consider good land stewardship to be the foundation for achieving this balance. By using sustainable vineyard practices such as shoot positioning and leaf pulling, combined with the latest weather station and soil moisture technology, the team is able to make decisions that promote vineyard health and overall wine quality.

The Bogaty Family founded their first winery, Veramar Vineyard, in 2000 in Berryville, VA. At the start, Veramar was one of the few wineries operating successfully in this part of the state. This Italian inspired winery sparked incredible ideas for the future to come. Since then, the business has grown to include Jim and Della’s son, Justin Bogaty, as winemaker. Justin added many rich techniques and valuable dedication to his role and helped contribute to the tremendous boom in the Virginia Wine Industry since the wineries opening, especially in Loudoun County.

Bogati Winery was the next family project. Bogati was opened in 2010 at the Hill High Marketplace in western Loudoun County, just over the mountain from the family’s farm estate. The immediate inspiration for this winery came from a family trip to Argentina, the wine, the culture and the energy of the country was so inspiring that they resolved to create a label and open a winery to reflect this same kind of character and passion. The “i” at the end of “Bogati” is a nod to the Latin influence in new-world winemaking, as well as their own family’s roots in the “Old Country” of Italy, whose traditions have sustained, improved and driven forward the art of the perfect bottle of wine for centuries before them. The family strives to continue those traditions right in this beautiful part of Virginia, a winemaking region of world-class potential. By drawing on this heritage, the Bogatys seek to elevate Virginia wine to its rightful place on the world stage.

James Charles Winery & Vineyard was our most recent addition to the Bogaty Family Wine Group. Founded in 2015, James Charles strives to provide big-city chic with a side of Valley charm. James Charles Winery & Vineyard is our homage to the French style of winemaking and puts us a class above the rest. Located in Winchester, VA, this winery has brought a wholesome feeling to the Bogaty Family Wine Group. Now we have three different and unique locations that feature individually inspired wine profiles. We have put for the excellence in our winemaking and have paved the path for our families future generations. 

“Our family foundation and determination are only the beginning; the legacy lives on through our wines.”

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